Game 4: Zooooooom!

Here’s something entirely different. Rather than a move-based game that’s waiting for input this one is running at 30 frames per second; giving you control of a flying airplane!

It’s been something I’ve been curious about: how to simulate a plane flying that feels like a video game plane flying. My first attempt felt like I was just leading a crawling bug around the screen until I had an idea that planes stall and slow down as they fly higher. So I added a little bit of slowdown and the ability to stall at high altitudes. Low altitudes were maximum speed.

Instant fun.

The controls are simple: just down arrow to climb, up arrow to dive. If you crash just reload the page. If you want to sky-write hit space bar to start and then space bar again to stop. Easy!

I originally thought it’d be fun to throw up an outline of a heart or a phrase and then have the player try to sky-write it. It might make a fun game where NPCs ask for stuff and then you have to draw it to advance. The more I thought about it the more I realized it might be too time consuming to figure out and do right. I might come back to that someday.

I want to do something with enemies next…