Game 6: A torch in the dark!

Hi! What a great day for a new game!

I got ambitious a couple weeks ago and started a game that was a little bit beyond me. I got stuck, busy with other things, and then remembered the point of this was to just churn out games. Not getting hung up on making THE game, just making A game.

So here’s one inspired by a friend’s comment about a game he’d built a while back. Thanks, Aaron!

Try to escape the dungeon with only four torches. Torches last only 20 steps and then you have to re-light your torch. Try not to run out of torches!

As always these games work best on the desktop, but there are some navigation buttons if you’re on a tablet. It’s probably not very good on a phone.

Thanks for playing these games and I’d love to hear how you do. My record is three torches.